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Canada Flag

We have been fortunate to travel to many places around the world and have been awed by their beauty and culture.  However, we find that in learning about the world as we travel, we become more and more aware of how proud and lucky we are to be Canadians.  For those of you who do not know, today, July 1st, is our nations birthday!  In honour of this occasion, we thought we would give you some telltale signs you have met a traveling Canadian. 🙂

Canada Flags on the backpack or suitcase

Okay, this one may seem a little bit obvious and it kind of is.  Well-travelled people know it is a great idea to mark your luggage to make it stick out amongst what could be many identical copies.  Canadians love to mark our luggage with the Canadian Flag.  It is our own way to show some patriotism.  A word of warning, though, we have heard there are many “imposters” (people of different nationalities using Canada Flags on their luggage) that use a flag on their luggage to use our good name to get better treatment when they travel!

The Unnecessary “Sorry”

Picture this: you are walking down the street in Rome, an amazing historical monument catches your eye taking your attention and you walk directly into someone else…again it is completely your fault, but the other person apologizes to you…well congratulations you have just met a travelling Canadian.  We all know it is a running joke about Canadians, but we just can’t help it, we were brought up to be polite!

Canada Day = Canada Gear

Canadians are often seen as quietly patriotic but on July 1st; you will see the Canadian flag flying everywhere, Canadians wearing the maple leaf and red everywhere.  We fondly remember our trip to Europe in 2010, when we were in London on July 1st.  We saw Canadians wearing their Canada clothing EVERYWHERE.  Yes, we generally are quiet about our pride in our nation, but one day a year…we really show it!

Canada Gear

You hear some of these Canadian Slangs (no “eh” isn’t one of them)

There are many different Canadian slang words that we were shocked to learn are not used anywhere else in the world.  We were really surprised to learn things like pop, runners and washroom were used so rarely around the world.

Go Canada!

Ask them if they have an accent!

Yes, it is true…Canadians do not believe we have accents, but the rest of the world does.  We would like to contest this, but it is most definitely true.  We definitely comment on accents from around the world, but if you were to ask us we would deny any possibility of an accent.

If all else fails…check out a place like this (the Great Canadian Pub in Paris)!

Paris - The Great Canadian Pub

Okay, now the search is on…go out there and see if you can find yourself some traveling Canadians!

What is your favourite Canadianism?


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