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Wow it is hard to believe that 2014 is already over.  We have had another wonderful year and we really appreciate you following along!  It may not have been the most action packed year of travel for us, but we believe we chose quality over quantity this year.  We wanted to share some of our highlights from the past year. 

Maui, Hawaii, USA

Ka'anapali, Maui, Hawaii - Zip lining View

We thanked our lucky stars (and Evan’s parents for inviting us) we had another chance to go to Maui this past spring.  We made our way there in March to get some nice rest and relaxation.  As expected, we had an amazing time and we got to participate in some pretty spectacular activities while we were there.  We tried out some of the coolest and most romantic things for traveling couples to do in Maui, including a helicopter tour of the island with Blue Hawaiian Helicopters, a sunset whale watching catamaran cruise (yes it was that awesome we had to include all the different details) with Paragon Sailing Charters, ziplining over Ka’anapali with Skyline EcoAdventures and getting up close and personal with all kinds of sea life without having to get wet at the Maui Ocean Center.  Overall, we loved our stay and even got to relive some of the nostalgia of our honeymoon in Hawaii!

Orlando, Florida, USA

Orlando, Florida - DisneyWorld

Another return trip for us this year, we made our way back to Orlando, Florida and visited DisneyWorld, Kennedy Space Center and some of the other amusement parks.  We had a wonderful time checking out all that these parks have to offer, although it was a super busy week and unfortunately Tracy was not feeling well for part of the trip.  We have mentioned it before, but we absolutely LOVE amusement parks, so it is impossible for us to not have a good time when we go to Orlando!

Osoyoos, BC, Canada

Osoyoos, BC - Spirit Ridge Resort & Spa

This was a bit of a quick trip up to Osoyoos this past May, but we tried to make the best of it.  We headed up to Osoyoos from our home in Vancouver for a long weekend stay.  We checked out the Spirit Ridge Resort & Spa on the NK’Mip First Nations Land and did some serious wine touring while we were there (of course).  We really enjoyed the hospitality and the quality of the resort at Spirit Ridge.  It seems like a great stop for couples who are looking to do some wine tasting, but is great for families too!

Penticton, BC, Canada

Penticton, BC - Barefoot Beach Resort Beach

We visited Penticton at the best time of the year…in the heart of the summer when the wine tasting is great and beach time at the lake is the just what couples need!  We made our way there for…you guessed it…more wine tasting.  We stayed at two different locations while in Penticton.  First, we got our first taste of staying in a yurt (fancy form of tent…and we mean FANCY) at the Barefoot Beach Resort.  Now this is our type of camping!  We had a great time staying there and the beach was perfect!  Second, we stayed at the Summerland Waterfront Resort, which is actually located in Summerland just north of Penticton.  The resort is a wonderful spot to relax for couples, although there is not a significant beach at the resort.  We will look to try this place out again in the future.  It wasn’t all about the wine tasting, as we were able to take a trip on the Kettle Valley Railroad, which takes riders by steam engine over a historic track in the Kettle Valley that includes a famous trestle bridge.

Summerland, BC - Kettle Valley Railroad

Whistler, BC, Canada

Whistler, BC - Black Tusk

We love to ski, so it is not a surprise we made our way up to Whistler again this year to get in a ski day.  Unfortunately, the snow levels were not the best when we were scheduled to go, but we still had a great time in Whistler, as usual.  We look forward to making our way up there again this season for some more ski days!

Well, that is quite the year!  We are happy we have had such a wonderful year of travel.  Hope your year was just as fantastic.  Here is to another exciting travel year in 2015!!

What were your travel highlights for 2014?


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