Up Close and Personal with some Giraffes!


As we have mentioned in previous posts, we had the very good fortune to visit Safari West in Northern California where we got to go on safari and experience “glamping”.  We also loved being able to feed the giraffes.

The day began a little too early for us, but when given a chance to feed giraffes, we found a way to get out of bed.  After a tasty breakfast included with our stay, we headed out to meet the animal keeper who would take us for the feeding.  It turned out to be just the two of us going and we were with the head caregiver of hooved animals, Nikki.  It was great to have someone so knowledgeable and helpful to answer all of our questions during the feeding experience.  She was willing to answer ANY of our questions, and we had a lot!  She even took us to see the giraffe barn where some of the baby giraffes were hanging out with their mothers.

California - Safari West Giraffe Food

Giraffe Food!

As we made our way to the giraffe pen, accompanied by Nikki, the minute we got close, the giraffes started heading towards us looking for food.

California - Safari West Feeding the Giraffes

Here come the giraffes!

After a short debriefing, mainly to warn us what to expect with the tongue, Nikki brought us some branches of leaves to feed the giraffes.  Nikki told us to hold on to the branches real tight and we quickly learned why.  The 15-inch prehensile tongue came out, wrapped around the branch and yanked all of the leaves off with ease (we would have lost the branch if we were not ready for it).

California - Safari West Tracy Feeding BranchAfter feeding the giraffes the branches, we had the opportunity to serve up some fruits and vegetables to the giraffes out of our hands.  We learned how gentle these extremely large animals could be as they carefully picked up the food out of our hands.  It was crazy to think how strong and gentle these majestic creatures could be.  However, be prepared…there is A LOT of drool and we mean A LOT!!!

California - Safari West Evan Feeding the Giraffes

We had such a great experience at Safari West and feeding the giraffes just topped it all off!  We would love to be able to go back some day!

California - Safari West Tracy and Evan Feeding

California - Safari West Tracy and Evan Feeding

A special thank you to Safari West for hosting us during our stay in Santa Rosa, California.  We had a wonderful time at the park.

Would you be interested in feeding the giraffes?  Are there any other animals you have had close encounters with or would like to?


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2 Responses to Up Close and Personal with some Giraffes!

  1. These giraffes are so cute and adorable! Wish I could feed them as well. I see you fed them with some healthy veggies, nice :).
    Agness recently posted..16 Different Breakfasts From Around The World (Part 2)My Profile

    Agness November 13, 2013 at 12:40 am Reply
    • These giraffes were super friendly and definitely liked the veggies we were feeding them. We hope you get a chance to have a giraffe encounter and feed them in your travels, Agness.

      evan&tracy November 13, 2013 at 4:06 pm Reply

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