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Osoyoos, BC - Wineries

We had an excellent mini-vacation in Osoyoos, BC recently, and it was certainly helped along by the wineries we got to visit!  The Okanagan is becoming known as the “Napa of the North” and it is for good reason.  There are so many wineries in the Okanagan that it would take at least a week of dedicated wine touring just to see them all!  Each one has a flair all its own and many different varieties of grapes and, therefore, wines are grown/made throughout the valley.  We have to admit that we prefer sweeter white wines, so we focused on finding the best wineries for white wines near Osoyoos.  These are the ones we managed to get to…

Nk’Mip Cellars

We were lucky enough to stay at the Spirit Ridge Resort, which had the NK’Mip Cellars tasting room right on site!  So naturally it only took us about 2 hours after arrival to check it out…and of course we bought a bottle to have for the rest of the weekend :).  The wine tasting room is a very nice log style building with high vaulted ceilings and huge windows looking out over Osoyoos and Lake Osoyoos.  They had quite a variety of wines, but our favourites, preferring sweet wines, were the rose and the dessert wines.  There seemed to be something for every taste, as far as we could tell.  The building also had a small café/restaurant that served delectable lunch or snack type foods.  They accompanied the café with a wonderful patio where you could enjoy the meal.  We wish we had time to check it out one of the days, but we just ran out of time!

Osoyoos, BC - NK'Mip Winery & Vineyards

Burrowing Owl

Okay, so we were not told that Burrowing Owl was a great spot to head if you like sweeter wines (in fact we were told it is somewhere to go if you are a red wine fan), but we heard the restaurant was a great spot for a meal and the property was excellent.  We headed there for lunch, but of course we had to do a little wine tasting while we were there ;).  There were a few choices for white wine, but the service was great and the winery experience was wonderful.  I think this would be a must for any red wine lovers.  The restaurant, its food and the view from the patio were fantastic.  We highly recommend you make a stop in at Burrowing Owl around meal time!

Osoyoos, BC - Burrowing Owl View

The delicious food (smoked Turkey and Vegetable Soup and Pulled Pork Sandwich)!

Osoyoos, BC - Burrowing Owl Food


Stoneboat is a nice small and friendly winery.  As you come up to the building, it doesn’t look much larger than a house.  They have decorated the grounds nicely and it is a great winery to include on your wine tour.  They have quite a selection of wines both white and red, so there is no shortage of tasting choices.  We, predictably, were more partial to the dessert wines, but there is something for all types of wine lovers.  We would certainly return for more!

Osoyoos, BC - Stoneboat Winery

Oliver Twist

Oliver Twist is about a 2 minute drive from Stoneboat, so it is a good idea to combine these two wineries on a day tour.  The tasting room is located in a rather plain old building, but there is a very cool old truck on site and the views around the property are stunning.  The wines are quite eclectic, including one of our favourite grapes (for wine), Kerner.  However, we fell in love with the French Embrace.  The servers were very friendly and service was quick, which was helpful.

Osoyoos, BC - Oliver Twist Winery

Silver Sage

We absolutely LOVED our experience at Silver Sage Winery for many reasons.  The location is very close to both Oliver Twist and Stoneboat, so it is perfect to add them into your day tour to those wineries.  The building and grounds are lovely, including a nice gazebo and picnic benches near a pond where you may be able to have a nice picnic.  Check out the bricks making a wine bottle on the ground at the entry to the tasting room, nice touch.  The wine tasting is an experience!  The winery is owned by a couple of Italian sisters who are full of energy and are thoroughly entertaining.  The good news if you like wine tasting or the bad news if you are in a hurry is they make you try all of their wines!  With the introduction of each of the wines, they give a fantastic explanation for each wine before they pour it.  Everyone in the tasting room was having an excellent time and the wines were great too.  We loved the fruit dessert wines, and walked out of there with quite a few bottles :).  Do not skip out on The Flame wine (a wine containing a hot pepper).  It was surprisingly delicious!  The only downside to the whole experience was how busy it was.  As I mentioned, you are trying every wine and while we were there they were pouring wine for around 20 people.  We were on a bit of a timeline, so we did not want to be spending quite as long as we did at this winery.

La Stella

Another must for any wine lovers in the Oliver/Osoyoos area, La Stella is a little drop of Tuscany right in the middle of the Okanagan.  It is located very close to Osoyoos (the closest winery not IN Osoyoos).  The building is beautiful and is decorated in true Italian style.  Make sure to take a look around the place; we think the upstairs lookout and the patio are required viewing.  We have vowed to return to La Stella with a picnic and grab a bottle of their rare Okanagan Moscato Wine (delicious wine) and enjoy it on the patio overlooking the vineyards and Lake Osoyoos!

Osoyoos, BC - La Stella Building

Great spot for a Picnic!

Osoyoos BC - La Stella View

Forbidden Fruit

Not exactly “on the wine tour drive” between Oliver and Osoyoos, Forbidden Fruit is worth a stop if you find yourself nearby (just outside Keremeos, BC).  This is a part of Ven’Amour Organic Farm and has both traditional grape wine and many different fruit wines.  We had envisioned a place full of sweet fruit wines, which there was no shortage of, but were surprised to learn they have wines of all types.  The fruit used is all grown organically, which is an added bonus.  Again, we were expecting to fall in love with plenty of fruit wines, so we were a bit surprised that our favourite at forbidden fruit was actually a sauvignon blanc/vidal grape wine.  Of course, there were a few fruit desserts wines that also made their way into our hands :).  The location of the winery tasting room is AMAZING!  It is located right on the banks of the Similkameen River and provides another great picnic spot.  If you are traveling between Vancouver and Osoyoos, it is a great place to stop for lunch.

Osoyoos, BC - Forbidden Fruit

Well, there is our list of wineries in the Southern Okanagan Valley.  Obviously, there are MANY more wineries we have not visited, but at least we have started and we look forward to being able to visit again to add some more to the visited list.  Hopefully, this helps you plan your winery tour when you make your way to British Columbia’s Okanagan Valley!

What are your favourite wineries in the Okanagan?  Where should we go next?



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