Whistler Dining Series – Part 3 – Dessert


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Restaurants in Whistler you need to try…for dessert!

We continue on our series of our favourite spots to eat in Whistler, that began with dinner & breakfast.  As with any vacation, it is nice to indulge in a nice dessert every now and then.  And, for those who have a sweet tooth, like Tracy, many of your meals will be planned around what is awaiting at the end for dessert.  These are our favourites and we think you should try them.

1.  Crepe Montagne

Crepe MontagneCrepe Montagne is located near the 7–11 in Whistler Village (across from the Alpenglow and Summit Lodge hotels).  As the name implies the focus is crepes (thin French style pancake for those who are not sure what it is).  They have an extensive selection of sweet crepes along with many savoury crepes!  You can choose from traditional sweet crepes filled with jam, banana & nutella, or apple & caramel.  For those with a love of ice cream, you can select from their “La Belles” crepes with a type of fruit, sauce (chocolate, nutella, caramel, etc.) & a scoop of mouth-watering vanilla ice cream.  They also serve sweet “Fancy Flambé” crepes that come doused in a liqueur and then set on fire.  If you are not feeling like a crepe for dessert (although that seems crazy!), they also have a good selection of sundaes and chocolate fondue served with fresh fruit.

2.  Bavaria

Whistler, BC - Bavaria RestaurantA little taste of Switzerland in the heart of Whistler.  This upscale restaurant is located very close to Splitz Grill in the Alpenglow Hotel.  We love their chocolate fondue!  Delicious, warm, melted Belgian chocolate with a selection of fresh fruit & ladyfingers is the perfect way to finish off a meal.  Although, we have not had the opportunity to try it yet, their House-made apple strudel also sounds delicious.  The restaurant is decked out in Swiss and German style decorations and the servers dress in Swiss attire.  It is a great setting for a nice meal & dessert and the food is delicious!!




3.  Moguls Coffee 

A small coffee shop located in Village Square in the heart of Whistler Village, Moguls Coffee is great place to grab a quick bite to satisfy that sweet tooth.  Or, if dinner has left you very full, they make the BEST hot chocolate which can fill the need for something sweet post-dinner.  It is a great place to hit up after dinner in the winter time in Whistler, grab a hot chocolate or other warm beverage and then stroll through Whistler romantic pedestrian only village with your special someone.

4. Cows

One of Whistler’s great ice cream parlors located near the overpass connecting Whistler Village and the Village North, Cows is a spot not to be missed on a trip to Whistler.  With over 20 different flavours of ice cream, there is sure to be one that you will find absolutely scrumptious.  If you head there in the summer though, be prepared to line up for your ice cream – it is that good!

5. Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory

Any chocolate lover will feel as if they have walked into paradise upon entering Whistler’s Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory located near the base of the Whistler Village Gondola.  With a huge assortment of decadent chocolates, candy coated apples, flavourful fudge & ice cream; this is the perfect shop to grab something sweet to take back to your hotel or condo for dessert.  The only problem may be not walking out with one of everything in the store!

These are our favourite dessert spots in Whistler, BC.  That is not to say that we don’t love some of the other restaurants/shops in town, but these ones top the list.  If you make your way to Whistler, make sure to check out any of the restaurants/shops above and you will not be disappointed!

Stay tuned in the next few weeks as we continue our culinary look at Whistler with après ski spots!!!

What is your favourite dessert that you have had while travelling?


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