Ziplining in Paradise…Maui!


We began our day with anticipation…we were so excited to be going ziplining in Maui!  After a short drive up the coast from Kihei to Kaanapali, we checked in at Skyline Eco Adventures storefront in the Fairway Shops at Kaanapali.  We were warmly greeted, and asked to sign a waiver form while the rest of the group checked in. Kaanapali, Maui - Skyline EcoAdventures Store

 At our tour time, we were given our complimentary souvenir water bottles (pre-filled with water) to take with us on our tour.  Then, we were loaded into a 15-passenger van and driven up into the west Maui Mountains overlooking Kaanapali and Lanai.  This drive was definitely part of the fun of the tour as we rolled, bounced and climbed up the side of the mountain on a VERY rough red dirt road.  There was a small hut where we unloaded and were outfitted with our harness and helmet, which was just as useful for the van ride as the zipline course.  We met our two guides, Nick and Jordan who helped us get into the harness properly and made sure it was securely fastened.

Ka'anapali, Maui - Skyline EcoAdventures Guide Nick


Ka'anapali, Maui - Guide Jordan


Next, we hopped back into the van and were whisked to the top of the course.  At this point, we were getting very excited as we have ziplined at several different courses around the world and at our home ziplining course in Whistler.  So, we know how much fun it really is!

Ka'anapali, Maui - Skyline EcoAdventures Group

Geared up and excited to get going!!

Nick & Jordan gave us a safety briefing at the beginning of the first zipline.  While conveying the safety information, they also kept us entertained and laughing hysterically for pretty much the whole ziplining experience.  And then it was time to zip!!!!

Ka'anapali, Maui - Excited!!Somehow, Tracy ended up at the front of the line and so she got to go first!  The first line was what they called the “bunny slope” so it wasn’t too big or too long but it was still a TON of fun!  As everyone zipped across, huge smiles could be seen all around.  It was around this time that it started to rain but that did not put a damper on our fun at all. Ka'anapali, Maui - Skyline EcoAdventures Tracy Zipping

Ka'anapali, Maui - Evan ZippingEach line has been named and there is a placard at the start of the zipline telling you its name and a bit of Hawaiian history relating to the name.  As we soared through the air, the ziplines seemed to get a bit longer and a bit faster every time. 

Once we had completed the first 4 ziplines, we walked down a dirt road to an amazing lookout.  At this point in our tour, it was POURING with rain, so our pictures do not do justice to this viewpoint.  Basically, we were hanging at the edge of a HUGE valley that ran down the mountain with sweeping views of Kaanapali, Lahaina, Lanai and the Pacific Ocean. 

Ka'anapali, Maui - Skyline Ecoadventures ViewAs we took in the breathtaking view, we were served fresh pineapple and the most amazing brownie-type dessert called Hula Bar (they were so good that we went a bought a few more at the café next to the skyline’s store after our tour).

Ka'anapali, Maui - Skyline EcoAdventures view

Jordan, always entertaining!!

Ka'anapali, Maui - Skyline EcoAdenture  Nick playing catch

Nick playing catch??

As we made our way down the mountain on these ziplines, the rain stopped and the sun started peeking through.  We had such a great day with our guides, who were so fun, knowledgeable and made us feel very safe.  WE CAN’T WAIT TO GO AGAIN!!!!!!

Some tips:

1. Wear sunscreen

You are out in the open for the majority of the 3.5-4 hour tour so sunscreen is a must or you will come away burnt to a crisp.

2. Wear longer shorts

The harness is not that comfortable when it rubs against bare skin, so we would recommend wearing shorts that are to the knee (even for girls)

3. Wear older clothes and shoes

The paths that you will be walking on to the course and between the ziplines is not paved.  If it is sunny and dry you will be covered in fine red dust, if it is raining or wet you will be coated in red sticky mud

4. Bring money to tip your guides

At the end of the tour, there will be an opportunity to tip your guides, so make sure you have some money in your pocket as our guides definitely earned their tip!

We wanted to say a HUGE thank you to Skyline Eco Adventures for hosting us, but as always, our views and opinions are our own.


Would you or have you gone ziplining?  Where have you gone or what course to do you really want to try out?


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