Brussels - Hotel de Ville

Brussels is the capital city of Belgium, which is located in Western Europe.  Known for its waffles, chocolate and beer, it is a food lovers paradise.  It is an walkable city as most of the main attractions are found in close proximity to each other.  Easily accessed by short train rides from London, Paris and Amsterdam.  The train ride from Paris is quite scenic as the train travels through the French and Belgium countryside and yet is only about an hour and half in travel time.

Things you MUST see/do: 

La Grand-Place – The Grand-Place is a central square in the heart of the city and is a great place to spend some time.  We suggest relaxing on one of the patios of the bars surrounding the square.  While you are there, try one of Belgium’s famous fruit beers while watching the bustling activity of the people.  The architecture of the buildings surrounding the Grand Place is very nice and creates a feeling of being taken back in time.  Not to be missed is the Hotel de Ville (city hall) located on the southern side of the square.

Mannequin Pis Any trip to Brussels is not complete until visiting the Mannequin Pis.  A small fountain statue of a little boy peeing attracts visitors from around the world.  You can also visit the Museum of the City of Brussels which has a display of many of the costumes the Mannequin Pis has been dressed in over the years.  Don’t forget to get your own replica Mannequin Pis souvenir to take home with you!

Palais de la Nation – Walk out to see the Palais de la Nation.  The building is nice (not amazing), but the walk there from the Grand-Place is nice with some gems along the way.

Parc de Bruxelles – Across the street from the Palais de la Nation is a beautiful large park.  It is a nice place to sit and relax for a break (by the fountain is best, especially on a hot day).

Atomium – An easy metro ride from the city is the Atomium.  This monument was built for the World’s Fair in Brussels in 1958 and remains a popular tourist attraction.  It is shaped to be an enlarged iron molecule which you can ascend and be rewarded with 360 degree views of the city.

Mini Europe – Next to the Atomium you will find Mini Europe.  Here you will find replicas of famous European landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower, Berlin wall, etc., built on a miniature scale.  A great place to travel around Europe in only a few hours.

Travels4Couples highly recommended EXPERIENCES:

Try a Belgian Waffle – An absolute must do is sampling the Belgian waffle. They are available all over the city at small stands but we recommend Manneken Cafe (rue au Beurre 42) right near the Grand-Place. This is a sit down restaurant where you can enjoy Belgium’s most famous food and it is delicious! If you are brave enough, try it in true belgian style with just icing sugar (they just call it sugar) and you will not be disappointed. Other excellent toppings include strawberries, chocolate, whipped cream and many other choices.

Try a Belgium Beer –Belgium is well known for their beer and this is an experience worth trying. We especially recommend the special experience of trying the fruit beers, which are very refreshing.  They come in a range of flavours such as raspberry, peach, and cherry so try one or try them all!  If you find a pub/bar off the main tourist path, you may be rewarded with 2 euro beers.

Travels4Couples #1 ROMANTIC thing to do in Brussels:

Eat dinner on a patio in one of the cobblestone streets – Brussels has many amazing eateries and with the countless narrow cobblestone streets you are sure to find a quaint and romantic restaurant.  If the weather is good, sit on the patio for added ambiance.