Zermatt - The Matterhorn

The typical scenic Swiss town in southern Switzerland, Zermatt is well known as the closest location to the famous Matterhorn Mountain.  There are few locations that are more spectacular to behold than this town with the Matterhorn as its background.  Picture the standard wood sided houses with their flower filled window boxes all built in a valley surrounded by mountains, towering behind stands one of the most famous mountains in all of Europe.  This is Zermatt.  Like much of Switzerland, Zermatt is focussed on outdoor activities, so many of the information will be focused on time spent in the outdoors.

Things you MUST do/see:

St. Mauritius Church – The magnificent old church stands above most of the other buildings in the town.  It is a wonderful looking church both inside and out.

Mountaineers Cemetery – The Cemetery is located behind St. Mauritius Church.  It has the gravestones of all the mountaineers who have died in their attempts to climb the world famous Matterhorn.  It is interesting to take the time to read some of the headstones.

Matterhorn Museum – Although we did not get to go to the museum in our time there, the museum is supposed to be quite nice.  It gives an account of the history of the town of Zermatt and the attempt to climb the Matterhorn Mountain through a series of exhibits.

Travels4Couples highly recommended EXPERIENCES:

Picnic in the park – There is a beautiful park located across the walkway from St. Mauritius Church.  Pack a lunch for the day and sit in this amazing setting and have a picnic.  There is plenty of action around to entertain while eating.

Travel up to Rothhorn Summit – It is possible to get some great views of the Matterhorn from the town of Zermatt, however, for some that is not enough.  This is another opportunity we did not have time for, but heard good things about.  There is more than one option to get views over the town and towards the Matterhorn, but we were told the Rothhorn was a good choice.

Views from Church Bridge – There are no better views of the Matterhorn than from the Church Bridge.  Head downhill from the Mountaineers Cemetery, and boom there it is…what an amazing sight!

Ski/Snowboard (Winter) – We were able to get to Zermatt in summer, but not able to in winter.  In winter, just like many locations in Switzerland, the skiing/snowboarding is a must.

Hike the hills (Summer) – Another Swiss tradition (much like skiing in the winter) is hiking in summer.  There are many options of hikes that leave from Zermatt for day trips or longer.  For the views and adventure, it is well worth the work.

Travels4Couples #1 ROMANTIC thing to do in Zermatt:

Stroll through the town – There is something so spectacular about the old quaint Swiss towns and Zermatt is the perfect little town.  We could spend all day just wondering around seeing all the perfect Swiss houses with their dark wood siding and the window box of flowers.  Since there are no cars in Zermatt, it is a pleasant stroll everywhere in the town.