Located in the Northwest United States, Seattle is the largest city in the state of Washington.  As it is built on the Puget Sound and surrounded by water, downtown Seattle is a picturesque city with many interesting things to see. 

Things you MUST see/do:

The Space Needle – Rising 184 m (605 ft.) above the ground, the Space Needle is a standard of the Seattle skyline.  Built in 1962, it was a feature of Seattle’s World’s Fair.  Make sure to take a trip up to the observation deck to get a great view of all of Seattle.  It is easily accessed by monorail from downtown Seattle.

Experience Music Project – The Experience Music Project showcases some of the biggest acts to come out of Seattle (and Washington State).  There are sections designated to such acts as Jimi Hendrix, Nirvana, Heart, Pearl Jam and many others.  There is also an interactive music section where visitors can try out their music skills on many different instruments.  It is a great place for those with an interest in music

Woodland Park Zoo – Woodland Park Zoo was opened in the 1880’s and currently spans 92 acres.  It is about 3 km (about 2 miles) from downtown Seattle and an easy day excursion by car or bus.  The zoo contains many different kinds of animals in varying habitats with good viewpoints.  Therefore, there is a good chance you will see many of the animals.

The 1st Starbucks – Yes Seattle is the birthplace to the famous coffee maker.  The first location for Starbucks was located directly across the road from Pike Place Market.  While there, make sure to get a coffee 

Travels4Couples highly recommended EXPERIENCES:

Pike Place Market – A large open air market located a stone’s throw from the waterfront.  There are all kinds of quaint, interesting shops and stalls selling everything imaginable.  Make sure to check out the famous fish market right at the main entrance to Pike Place.  It is worthwhile to order a fish and watch the show unfold.  There are some real nice things to buy from the market, or just window shop.

Shopping – Seattle is home to some great stores, whether small shops or bigger chains.  The most famous shop started in Seattle is Nordstrom.  It is a large department type store with many high quality brands.  The heart of shopping downtown is between Pine and Union streets and First and Seventh avenues.  It is possible to find nearly any store you want, including American Eagle, Macy’s, Old Navy, Lululemon, and Abercrombie and Fitch.

Stroll along the Waterfront – Head down to the waterfront from Pike Place and walk along the waterfront from there towards Citibank field.  As you walk, look towards the water and there are some great views of the sound and watch for some sea-life.  The Seattle Aquarium is located right on the edge of the sound.  The design of the building has created a nice setting to see a vast selection of sea-life.  As you walk you will also come across Ivar’s restaurant.  They are well known for the seafood, especially fish and chips (which are delicious).  Another good restaurant on the waterfront is the Crab Pot Restaurant & Bar.  This is a great place for some dinner and make sure to order the crab.  They serve it to you by dumping it on to the table and all they provide is a cutting board and a mallet.  We truly enjoyed smashing our dinner.  The last place to visit on the stroll is the Ye Olde Curiosity Shop.  This is the store for buying those things, no one realized they needed.  They have some really interesting things in this shop, including shrunken heads, and Mexican jumping beans.  It is well worth the visit to see some of the odd things in the store.

Professional Sporting Event – Like many major United States cities, Seattle is crazy about its football and baseball.  On Sundays in the fall, the Seattle Seahawks play at CenturyLink Field.  Even newcomers to American Football will enjoy the atmosphere created by the fans and the game.  In the summer, the focus shifts to baseball and the Seattle Mariners.  Although the games can take a while (sometimes 3 hours or more), there is plenty of entertainment in the stands to keep you entertained.

Travels4Couples #1 ROMANTIC thing to do Seattle:

SkyCity Restaurant at Space Needle – Have dinner at Seattle’s only revolving restaurant, an impressive 184 m (605 ft.) above the ground.  While dining, enjoy the 360° views of the Seattle skyline and Puget Sound.  Reservations are recommended and entrees range from $40 – $60 but it does include entrance to the Space Needle, elevator ride up and access to the “O” deck.